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Corporate Gift Giving

Personalized Corporate Gift Giving Program

Chocolates make perfect gifts for business colleagues and important clients. A well-planned corporate gift program can build relationships with your clients and let you stand out from the competition. Choose DeFluri’s Fine Chocolates for your corporate gifts...with each luscious morsel your customers will know that they have been remembered with a very special gift. Make an impact this year with chocolates from DeFluri’s Fine Chocolates. With a wide product offering to meet any budget and any number of gifts you wish to give, we can put a program together just for you.

Worry Free Shipping Program

Place your order when you are ready and we'll ship the packages to arrive at the date you specify. We can ship your holiday gifts directly to you or individually to each of your clients. Simply provide us with a list of addresses and we'll take care of the rest. We'll include your personalized holiday cards or custom message.

Our Gift Selections and Pricing

DeFluri’s offers as standard selections our collections in sizes ranging from 4 piece boxes to 50 piece boxes.

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