Beany Bunny Deluxe Easter Gift Set

12 oz - $16.95

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Sneak a peek into the window of this Easter motif box and you'll see a very cute beany bunny surrounded by a host of special Easter treats. In addition to the beany bunny, our gift box includes a bag of DeFluri's Deluxe Easter Mix, miniature foiled milk chocolate hazelnut filled eggs, and a 3 oz milk chocolate Waving Bunny.

The Deluxe Easter mix includes gourmet fruit flavored jelly beans, malted milk Robin's eggs, mellowcreme and gummy bunnies.

Beany Bunny Box, Net Weight of Candy 12 oz

What’s Inside ...

1 Bean Bag Bunny
1 3 oz Milk Chocolate Waving Bunny
1 Bag Deluxe Easter Mix
1 Bag Miniature Foiled Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Eggs

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Friday 10 AM - 6 PM
Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM