DeFluri's Fine Chocolates Customer Alert

DeFluri's Chocolates is open for business for regular hours (Mon - Fri 10 AM - 6 PM, Sat 10 AM - 5 PM). We are fully stocked with our Easter candy including chocolate bunnies and 7 flavors of Easter Eggs in 3 sizes. We also have a wide variety of seasonal novelty candies along with our everyday assortment of chocolates and truffles made on the premises.

Curbside pickup is available. For now, place your order by phone or email at We will pack your order and have it ready by an agreed upon time. We will bring your order to you in your car. Parking is free in downtown Martinsburg.

To help you decide what you might wish to get for Easter, we have added most of our Easter molded pieces and eggs to our Easter Catalog in addition to our online selection (click Easter on the main menu). Not all of the items listed in this catalog can be shipped.

Soon we will add online ordering and payment for curbside pickup.

Herman Backpack Solid Chocolate Bunny

15 oz $13.95

Our best selling bunny for 30 years has been this 15 oz solid chocolate bunny. He's hopping along to your Easter Basket with his backpack snugly strapped on for the ride. Pictured here in milk chocolate, Herman comes in a cello bag with a bow and is available in milk, dark, or white chocolate. (MILK CHOCOLATE is SOLD OUT.)

Herman Backpack Solid Chocolate Bunny 15 oz, Milk, Dark, or White Chocolate (Milk Chocolate is SOLD OUT.)

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